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We Sell Used Insulation Machines that Blow Fiberglass and Cellulose Insulation.

Force 2 Box Truck Machine

This used machine is in excellent working condition

This is a Force 2 Insulation Machine with a Metal Case Organizer. The blue case surrounds and protects the the Force 2 machine inside!

It is heavy and can only be moved with a lift. I have a lift that can get it into your truck but you will need a lift to get it out!

Would be good for a Box Truck

Pick-up Only Indianapolis IN

This unit is very heavy fork lift only

Price $4,900

Retails for $8,500


  • 50 feet of 3 inch blowing hose
  • One 3 inch stainless steel hose connector
  • Two 100 foot power cords
  • 100 foot dual remote control
  • Variable speed blower pressure control
  • Airlock stainless steel inserts
  • Pinset material slide gate
  • 8.5 cubic ft hopper that holds 50lbs of material
  • 1.5 hp Agitator with a 3.6 psi blower

Production Rates

  • Light Cellulose: 2012 lbs./hr
  • Fiberglass: 428 lbs./hr


  • Polyethylene Construction
       • 100’ Detachable remote
          control cord      New!
       • Two 100’ 12/3 twist–lock
          power cords
       • Direct Drive transmission
       • 1–½ hp Agitator motor
       • 6 Vane airlock chamber
       • Urethane airlock seals
       • Stainless steel airlock plates
       • Blower pressure control
  • direct transmission with not chains or sprockets

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We sell used insulation machines that blow fiberglass and cellulose loose insulation. We are an Indianapolis Indiana based company with over 25 years in the home improvement and building industry.

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